Friday, January 14, 2005

I feel like I need a VIOlight toothbrush sanitizer.

I normally just throw out my toothbrushes often, because I bite down on them and they get mangled pretty quickly.

But after reading the website, all I can think about are the millions of bacteria crawling on my toothbrush.

And I like the glowing blue light. The glowing blue light of death killing off all the bacteria.


  1. Look at that, they've given us something else to worry about. I wonder how necessary this stuff is, although it is kinda cool.

  2. Hehe. :) That thing looks awesome. I love Starck. There's something very soothing about that blue light for compulsively hand-washing germphobes like me. :)

  3. your post reminded me of an article I read in Wired magazine about cell phone sterilizers in South Korea. the online article is below, which is just text, but the actual Nov 2000 magazine includes a small picture of phones in a little incubator/oven-looking thing.

  4. I'd like to get one of those. You can't find a covered toothbrush holder anywhere and I've been looking. This is better. Thanks.

  5. It is very useful to throw out toothbrush when they look bitten down, so that we have a better wash. I am so happy when I buy a new one, cause in this way we can feel better, and just to avoid a dirty mouth.