Monday, January 3, 2005

I'm back! And now that all gifts have been delivered to the recipients, I can divulge all the projects I was working on for the holidays.

Every year I have a holiday theme... this year it was the Christmas Duck. Everyone got a Christmas Duck with their name tag around it's neck on top of their gift.

Friends got a box with a framed picture from our June wedding, a hand knit dishcloth and a jar of homemade pepper jam.

Aaron and I were busy little chicadees the month before Christmas! Here are the project pages for Christmas 2004, Knit Dishcloths and Pepper Jam.


  1. The ducks are super cute! Where did you find them? Hmm..I may have to start doing Christams themes.

  2. Did you hot bath the jam or is it a refrigerated jam?

  3. Sofie - I got the duckies from Oriental Trading Company

    Rita - the heat from the jam made the jars seal as they cooled, so you can keep the jam out of the fridge as long as it hasn't been opened... after opening, store it in the fridge.

  4. I have been looking forward to seeing what Christmas Projects you have been working on! I love them all- the pepper jam sounds especially yummy. I have a question though- the dishcloths are so pretty, surely they cannot be for the same thing that we use dishcloths here in England? Here we would use them for washing up dirty plates and cutlery etc, and wiping down the ktichen counter after use- tell me these pretty things are not going to meet this fate!

  5. Ooooooh so cute the Christmas gifts for the adults and babies. Thanks so much for the pepper jam recipe. I have been looking for one! Also are your Halloween recipes/drinks up? Thanks again!!! And congrats on being nominated! You deserve it!