Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Aaron bought this snowboard bag for half off now that the season is nearly over. He said it is for when we want to take a boarding trip to Utah or Colorado. You gotta have something like this to take your board on a plane.

I can't help but notice how well I would fit in this bag. Joel once calculated on the UPS website how much it would cost to ship me to California in a box. He asked if I wanted to be stretched out or rolled into a ball... it had a significant effect on the cost of shipping.

I am not saying I plan to travel in the snowboard bag. But if I go missing, someone may want to check the bag.

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  1. If you get shipped to CA, let me know! I will ummmmm... pick up the package and set you free! =)

    By the way - the milk things? Super cute.

    And I have been meaning to ask you what kind of scooter you have. I putt around on my 1979 P200 Vespa. It is silver, though I want to get it repainted.