Thursday, April 14, 2005

I haven't done an update on how my iPod Shuffle worked out, but I am really enjoying it.

There was some initial distress when I realized that I needed to get a USB extension cable in order to use it with my iMac. They way the USB connections are inset, the plug wouldn't go in the whole way. I expected to have been warned about this when I bought it. The night I opened my iShuffle I had to wait another whole day to play with it 'cause I had to run out and buy a cable.

Well, I got over that, and I love the Shuffle. It is so small and convienient. I really want one of these lego-style PodBrix guys carrying an iPod. The t-shirts are funny too, they have a magnetic clip on device so you can actually attach your Shuffle to your t-shirt.


  1. Hi LJC. I just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog and I have been reading it for almost a year. I recently got my dad an ipod shuffle for his birthday. He likes it also. cheers!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Rachel inspired me to delurk also. I too love your blog and read it every day. I finally joined the iPod world fairly recently, though I opted for a pink 4gb Mini. I'm loving it, my friend who has had an iPod since before it was cool to own one always told me to get one, but I was like where will I use it - I have mp3s in my car, on the home stereo at the computer etc.. But I have ended up using it for walking, it makes a nice walk better, and also I groove along at work sometimes! That definately helps the day go quicker!

    Anyway keep up the great work on your blog and glad to hear you liek your shuffle.


    P.S. I saw them lego dudes a few weeks ago aren't they just the cutest!

  3. I have a shuffle and a mini. I love them both, but I love how the shuffle can be worn around your neck.

    I can look so cool and trendy when I am working. lol.


  4. ooh where did you find that podbrix and t-shirt! i would totally get that shirt for sh*ts and giggles.

    i definitely think the overall design incompatibilities of apple products is a pain... there is no way i'll be able to find any accessories for my gen1 5GB ipod ever again... and although i haven't tried it, i'm sure my shuffle and my imac would have the same problems you're having. damn apple for making their products oh so pretty that we cannot help ourselves but buy them.

  5. Hie! would like to ask you what is the name of the flower for your blog spot above ?

  6. I have the 15GB iPod but would like to get the Shuffle as well. It seems like a lot of people are buying both. I was shocked at how small it was when I saw it in the store. And the Lego man? Too cool. You always point out the neatest stuff.

  7. the flower in the banner is a daffodil