Friday, April 1, 2005

When I was at my parents last weekend, we awoke one morning to the site of 16 wild turkeys roaming around their backyard. It was quite a site. I took several pictures and video clips. Aaron said they looked delicious.

There is a long standing April Fools tradition with my family. We try our darndest to get one another. This year I sent them an email saying they might like to see one of the turkey pictures I took. I had stuck their heads on the turkeys in photoshop. Classic.


  1. That is awesome! I have all sorts of turkey pictures...we have a flock of about 20 of them that hang out in the woods near my work. I'll have to steal your idea for next year. :)

    On an odd note, I never knew that turkeys could fly, but wild ones can. One flew through one of the third floor windows in our building here, and lived!