Friday, June 24, 2005

I spent a not so typical Friday night at the office. I stayed late with Tina to watch a transmitter be put on one of the fledgling falcons from our office tower. She had fallen down a nearby smokestack, was rescued and taken to a vet to be checked out. Since she was in great shape, they took the opportunity to put a transmitter on her, to help learn more about the endangered peregrine falcons.

It was amazing to watch... from putting the little hood on to keep her calm, to sewing on the little transmitter harness to getting a close look at her before taking her to the roof for release. (she also pooped on our conference room floor... heh heh)


  1. Lucky you! I imagine it would be very cool to get so close to a falcon.

  2. Last year I was able to visit a falcon training facility (it was actually in a home) in Reno and it was fascinating. There were many types of falcons being trained, falcons for breeding, hunting, etc. Really opened my eyes how falcons are used in everyday life . Learned that airports will use falcons to keep other birds from flying near the runways. I could go on ...