Sunday, August 14, 2005

Today we went to see the Nascar race at Watkins Glen.

It is a very loud sport... but that makes it exciting.


  1. Jenny

    I saw your great pics on Flickr and I'm curious to what makes the taco that you love, so good? You've never said what was in it!

  2. How funny, I am going to visit Watkins Glen tomorrow for a couple nights for the first time. Any tips? :)

  3. RE: Watkins Glen tips. You MUST walk the gorge trail at Watkins Glen State Park (it is right off the main street). It's one of the world's hidden treasures! Also, there are plenty of wineries to visit off Seneca Lake (Hazlitt is a must visit).

  4. Whaaah, like your blog!!! Made a posting on mine to say I like your blog :-)

    Kindest regards,


  5. I am extremely jealous! Who says knitters can't like NASCAR?

    I'm also envious of your terrific blog; thanks! You're linked from mine!

  6. Watkins Glen was great! I enjoyed hiking the gorge trail, 2 yummy wineries, kayaking on the lake and visiting Farm Sanctuary! Lots of fun!