Thursday, September 1, 2005

I really like the reed diffusers I have been seeing in stores, but they always seem pricey or they don't have a scent I like.

It seems like one should be able to make one themselves... has anyone ever seen a DIY for reed diffusers online?


  1. reed diffuser kits

  2. Hey Jenny, I just take those cheap wooden skewers for shish kabobs you can get at the grocery store of the dollar store for nothing and stick them in these big old vase/shotglass looking things. I either mix up some essential oils in a carrier oil like grapeseed or I buy those ready made-up liquid potpouris or oils if I can find a tolerable scent. It works about as good as anything else.

  3. Have you tried Pier 1. They have diffusers there at a reasonable price.

  4. Thats a good idea... I was thinking the same thing but wasn't sure if it would work! I guess it will... Where can I get essentail oils from... Can these be used on the body as well? Thanks!

  5. i've never seen this before and it's a lovely addition that is a pretty as the container you choose to hold your essential oil. thanks for sharing your find. :)

  6. How funny you bring this up -- I was just thinking about getting another set of reed diffusers and went to the old standby-kimmys candles for help. She is also in charge of fragrance oil heaven and they really are wonderful. I got one of the sampler packs months ago and the scents last so long I've hardly made a dent in my order!

    I really adore the paperwhite scent at pottery barn and their diffuser kit for that, but it really is outrageously expensive. Personally I dont like the bottles and instead buy old amber apothecary ones. The skewers work great, but cb2 currently has these on sale:

    good luck!

  7. I think essential oils can be sort of hard to get anywhere besides online. I stocked up when Bath & Body Works had them. Earth Magic has them sometimes. Hobby/Craft stores may have them with their soap making supplies. Which, for home fragrance you can use candle making fragrances too (but I wouldn't use them on the skin).

    You can use essential oils on the skin but it's best to really dillute them with a carrier oil or something else like powder or lotion. A little goes a long way and too much undiluted could cause irritation.

  8. Health food stores have tons of essential oils.

  9. I work at Keystone Candle and we have just started to carry reed diffusers. Seems like a lot of companies are coming out with them. Ours are $19.99 each. Would that be considered a reasonable price?

  10. To make reed diffusers at home is possible only if you can get the unscented reeds & the fragrance oil from the suppliers.Though I suggest it is best to buy them from the shelf & if they are expensive, they are worth it coz they last for months! I am developing my own range of reed diffusers for retail in Delhi,India. I am using Rattan Reeds which are suppose to be superior than bamboo reeds. I think they look so beautiful & will do really well over here in India.

  11. I sell these on Ebay. For a while I was the number one link on Google. We sell both rattan and bamboo reeds and we cut lenght to order (right now anyway). We offer Refill Oils or kits.

    My buying guide tells about diffusers (but NOT how to mix oils formula). No one uses our formula. It is so secret even I can't remember it -LOL.

    Reed Diffusers

    EXTREMELY important to use a coaster.

    I've sold these as cool underwater kits (bottles with stuff in them), with beaded gemstone accents, and for a Christmas gift for Miami Lawyers with each person's name in Chinese..
    I have sold one across from Ground Zero, and in Hollywood.

    If you want to see some of them -just to see a couple different styles..I even offer stained glass coaster.. (I think it is tacky to try to sell via this link)..(I got here by the way because a someone wanted a Pier one spice refill. We only sell our product but I was searching for them).

    Featuring Fun -feel good- products:.

    Reed Diffusers. Bamboo Reed refills. Feng Shui.

    I have a few hints on scent elimination, too. There are oils that clear scents and vinegar works wonders. I use coffee grounds in the refrig. You cannot smell more than three scents in a grind some coffee beans or take some whole beans if you plan to sniff..

    Good luck..all the companies above began selling AFTER me By the way.

    I have lost a lot of money being in the reed diffuser business...I have a Masters and Doctorate in business administration.

    I do have hints (with my kits on getting reeds to wick better)..sorry but I will not put out on a public forum. There have been others that try to get itnot the business, that bought from a candle co and then came to me when it did not work out.

    I just did an Ebay buyer guide on perfumes too (July 2006). Diffusers come in two main formulas. One is like a perfume oil -concentrated; the other is like a spray perfume -main ingredient alcohol. So the amount of formula does not determine value.

    To be quite honest my prospective customers ASKED for the alcohol base..and even though I had a product that worked..I invested in five gallons -new glass storage bottles, etc..and have not even opened it.. 18 months later.

    I have thousands of dollars invested in oils. I have gallons of product that did not work out. yeah you really don't want MY formula..... (I'm thinking mix it with those water absorbing chrystals, make scented rocks, or add to dry potpourri close the bag (better yet the folgers red coffee containers with black lids are grat for potpourri storage)..

    I have special reed wicking papers as you handle the reeds. My thing is innovation. This is more of a hobby.

    Hope it helps. I set up a blog -for sharing ...but the blog site went out of business.

    I first saw these at Micheals..and said I can do better..

  12. You can buy pure essential oils at health food stores or a place like Henry's, Sprouts, or Whole Foods. I haven't made one yet, but I plan to experiment with olive oil or some other easily assessable oil for the base to see what works.

  13. I've just started making the reed diffusers myself. I have found an EXCELLANT site which gives you instructions (increadably simple!)
    and sells the complete kit (less the fragrance) for 5.99 each with a good discount if you buy 12 or more kits. All you need to fill the included 4oz decorative jar is 50% oil enhanser (2oz) and 50% fragrance (2 oz) both are sold on this site and I calculated that my total cost for each of my 20 diffuser kits came to less than 7.00. Check out the 'new scents' page for fantastic savings on oils. 8oz bottles are only 5.00 each (enough for 4 diffusers) I've researched this 'hobby' extensively and am delighted to have finally found a great source for all home scenting needs. Enjoy!

  14. has everything you need for putting together your own reed diffusers. They've been around a long time.

  15. Hi! First let me tell you that the shish kabob idea won't work. Rattan reed sticks are what you need. They have little vessels in them which wick up the fragrance oil. Go to for instructions on making your own diffusers and for a list of really good suppliers. Have fun! Terry

  16. Hi, I tried making reed diffusers with di-propylene glycol purchased from Snowdrift Farm ( and their perfumers' alcohol and ended up ditching the DPG. Reading up on the effects of DPG on us and the environment took the edge off my interest. On the other hand, essential oil reed diffusers don't last long and generally don't have a strong scent throw. Some oils last longer and work better than others. Using essential oils didn't play out costwise. I felt I couldn't sell a reed diffuser made with EOs at $65.00 when they lasted fewer than two weeks... If I had nothing else going on in my life, I could have set up some experiments and developed some successful natural formulas, tho. If you keep good records and don't go ga-ga creative while mixing (and then forget additives), you definitely will have better luck than me. Good luck to all and happy holidays! Jane