Sunday, October 16, 2005

I picked this Sweet Potato Butter up in Tennessee. I like apple butter, so I was curious. It was pretty good on toast. I brought back a jar of pumpkin butter for Tina. They also had strawberry butter and peach butter.

I guess you can make just about any fruit into butter, but it must be noted that there is no actual butter included. I think we are going to make some apple butter next week. I like the idea of this crockpot apple butter recipe. Anything I can throw into a crockpot, I am down with.


  1. That butter would be so yummy on crusty homemade rolls. My mouth is watering.

  2. I've made crockpot apple butter before, and it turns out great...and very easy.

    I've also made caramel apple butter in the crockpot which is extremely yummy.

  3. I got my dad hooked on pumpkin butter from Trader Joe's but I didn't find it last time I went. I'd love to have a recipe for caramel apple butter:).

    p.s. but I did get cake batter ice cream at Creamstone the TJ's day. Just like I remember it. Oh, but I sampled cotton candy and it was really good too...Did your Creamstone get cake batter ice cream Jenny?

  4. I too would love tht caramel apple butter recipe!

    Kat - yes, our coldstone has the cake batter ice cream, which I surprised, because I thought it had been pulled due to salmonella concerns... must have been a false alarm.

  5. Crockpot apple butter is super easy. It's also very good if you add some grated, peeled ginger right in with the apples. Mmmm.

  6. I just finished a 3-day marathon of making crockpot apple butter using this recipe

    I altered it by not oiling the crockpot and using a lot less sugar for each pint of sieved cooked fruit. Better results came from cooking the apples on high first. For pumpkin apple butter, I couldn't find a good recipe so I made one up.

    My family is currently doing taste tests. I plan on posting the recipe alterations and reviews by the end of the week.