Friday, October 21, 2005

Last weekend, I gathered nuts with my grandma, mom and sister. One of the kinds were hickory nuts. They are found growing wild, rarely in stores. I was picking them up like crazy with visions of nut filled cookies and brownies... free! free nuts! Then my grandma showed me how hard it is to bust them open.

Equally dangerous are the chestnuts that fell from my Dad's chestnut trees. The burs they come in are like mini porcupines.


  1. BE CAREFUL! It sounds like you are describing a Horse-chestnut (porcupine casing) which is Poisonous. See for more information. True edible chestnuts come in a smooth outer casing. Have you tried roasted chestnut parsnip soup? Yum Yum
    Be safe.

  2. That picture did look like a buckeye for a second. But not totally. We have black walnuts around here out the wazoo. I was really excited, did all that work -found out I really do not like them.

    Another question Jenny - is that turkey place the same one that was on foodnetwork? Thanksgiving year round?

  3. kat - I don't know if it was on the food network... they do have turkey dinner year round... but it isn't decorated with pilgrims or anything... I would be interested to find out.

  4. Call me crazy but I have never eaten a chestnut...roasted or otherwise. What do they taste like? Hmm...I'm curious now. Roasted chestnut parsnip soup does sound like it would be yummy, though!