Monday, October 24, 2005

Mr. Lobster,

I am so sorry for what we did to you. But you were delicious.


PS. I am also sorry my dog barked at you for fifteen minutes.

($6 a pound lobster special at Wegmans!)


  1. that reminds me of a christmas when i was younger and my parents bought lobsters to eat. before they dumped them in the pot to cook, they raced the lobsters on the floor where my brother and i cheered them on. after they killed them in the pot, they had to explain to us what they did with our little buddies.

    since then, i haven't been able to eat a lobster. yuck. haha.

  2. Sarah in Vancouver, BCOctober 25, 2005 at 1:09 AM

    Good boy Oscar!
    My pug Lenny barked at a basket of artichokes non-stop for half an hour this summer! I finally had to place them out of his sight; he was quite pleased with himself for having rid the house of such threatening vegetables!

  3. You are a brave brave gal Jenny. I tried once to cook a lobster dinner for my hubby and I but I just couldn't buy a whole lobster from my fishmonger. So I make do with the precooked and chopped ones. I am wimpy.

  4. How bittersweet! Yummy I bet, lobster is such a treat.

  5. The last time we brought a live lobster home our pug Leo didn't seem to know what to do. He just paced around nervously until we cooked it. Obviously Oscar is a better guard dog for his pack.

  6. Out here we have Dungeness Crab which I love - but have never cooked personally until recently. I was traumatized when my sister dropped a few live crabs into a pot of boiling water because I could hear the crabs struggling about trying to get out of the pot. I almost couldn't bring myself to eat them. ALMOST. I got over it once I dunked those bad boys in some garlic butter.

  7. Please tell me you have pictures of Oscar barking at the lobster! (My pug would do the same thing!)