Friday, November 25, 2005

I was pulling the last of my parents carrots out of the garden for Oscar to snack on, when I found this ginormous spider!

It is quite possibly the largest spider I have seen out and about in real life. Took my life into my own hands when I placed my hand next to him to give a perspective of his size in the photo.


  1. Holy CRAP! I can't believe you actually held your finger near that MONSTER. You are brave, indeed! And I'm not even really afraid of spiders, but that one, UUUGGHGHHGHGHG.

  2. I usually drop phone books on ones like those, because I am a total arachnophobe.

  3. That's nothing! They grow'em big in Texas. I saw a tarantula walking on the sidewalk near my house. Luckly we were driving by when we saw it, and then drove back to look some more because, you know it might come and get us.

  4. That is pretty giant. They are the kind you don't want to squish because:
    1. They would make a HUGE mess.
    2. They have lived lolng enough to get that big and it would be sad to kill something that has survived so well.

    With that said, I am a big fan of catch and release as far away from me as possible. Which usually involves crazy dances and wild arm movements.

  5. SomeCleverIdentity - no... I let him live.