Saturday, November 12, 2005

What do you do on an unseasonably warm day? You take a mini for a test drive.

Aaron would like to get a mini. Save his gas hogging jeep for days when we need four wheel drive.

We were worried he wouldn't fit, but he does... just barely. This one was used and in great shape. It was nice... but he will probably pass... he wants standard and it was automatic.


  1. I love those minis. I saw a neat Met colored one my husband liked.

  2. I would so love a Mini. If I ever enter back into the Korporate World, I may just get one.

    It's good that Aaron can fit into the Mini. Worse comes to worse, he can always stick his head out of the sunroof, like Dino when the Flintstones go to the drive-in movies. LOL!

  3. I love my MINI. It's the first model year, and still going strong. You know, it's hard to give up the panoramic sunroof, but I hear it gives another two inches of headroom. And did you lower the seat all the way? The president of our local club is something like 6' 2" and is on his second, WITH sunroof.


  4. i have a mini and love mine. i think aaron should continue looking for one with a standard transmission