Tuesday, February 21, 2006

When we were in Ottawa, we took a midday break from skating and walked down Bank Street. In a little Japanese shop I spied these cups and bowls by the designer Shinzi Katoh. I thought they were beyond adorable. The set with a teddy bear walking away with it's owner makes my teeth hurt it's so sweet.

Alas... I didn't get them because that would have entailed Aaron carrying them back down the canal in his backpack... on skates. I had already seen Aaron almost go flying across the ice so the thought of him landing on the newly purchased cup and bowl was not a nice one.

But I see the website ships internationally!


  1. cute stuff! i just bought a ton of stuff of of this website: http://www.jbox.com

    i got mini japanese containers, toys, mini rubber sushi. they have neat stuff!

  2. I might have to order those. I too am partial to the teddy bear.