Thursday, March 16, 2006

Yesterday's post got me thinking about my grade school days when we put toothpicks in potatoes and grew plants. I think we planted the tops of pineapples too.

Of course today, toothpicks seem archaic. Check out these seeds that grow in NASA goo so you can watch the roots grow. Or these cutie animals that grow grass out their head. I especially like the chick peep.


  1. I've wanted these forevah-

    and they look just like your little animals.


  2. is it bad that i want one of those nasa-goo plantariums?? (I'm 25+ yrs old & the item description says its for 5+ year olds)

  3. ohhh! Thanks for the tip...I ordered the goo.

  4. That reminds me of how you start seedlings in Jell-O..maybe this stuff doesn't get moldy, haha.

  5. Anything with goo is good with me!
    That first picture reminded me that I wanted to make Easter eggs this year. Cute!

  6. I have the Ant Farm version of those NASA gell plants. It's the awesomest Ant Farm ever!

  7. I want a NASA-goo plantarium too!!
    (And I'm older than you Jennifer!)
    Hmmmm....but I can get away with buying it for my classroom and enjoying it with my students.

    Thanks for the link, ljc!
    Lots of cool links to cool stuff.