Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I thought I was so clever this Easter. I was talking about using a baby booger sucker for blowing out the eggs when Greta said "Oh yeah I bought something like that for eggs online."

Then I had Aaron drive nails through a board so I could dry the dyed eggs on it. I sent a cell phone pic to Tina exclaiming my ingeniousness and she replied... "I saw Martha using something like that when she made her chocolate filled eggs".

I am not going to make it onto American Inventor at this rate.


  1. You could win something like American Scrooge. =) Surely your solutions were far cheaper than buying quite specialized equipment.

  2. Scrooge??? I call it "being frugal". ;-)

    I did Martha's version of dying eggs using silk ties. They turned out gorgeous. I blogged about it porbably 3 posts down...

  3. I meant to say...
    I blogged about it probably 3 posts down on my blog. I'll get it right some day.

  4. I saw that episode of Martha. Martha also sad to let your eggs dry for 2-3 days! 3 days?! I't takes all my patience to wait overnight!

  5. I still think your idea is nifty, no need to fret. :)