Sunday, May 21, 2006

I had a near panic situation last month when we went to the public market to kick off my summer taco eating obsession only to discover that the taco people had left the little window in the back of the bakery. I was on a mad search to find where they had set up their new shop when last week Aprille informed me they moved next door at the public market.

Indeed, yesterday we found them and now all is right with the world.


  1. I was sad for you until I read that you found the tacos. I share your taco obsession (and those Flaming Hot Cheetos have been an obsession of mine since I had my first one in 1994). I hate to think of what my heart looks like.

    P.S. - Love the haircut!

  2. Tacos are truly a gift from God, eh? I think God may actually have taco vendors on the clouds up there. I'm going to CRY if there's only fruit up there. I like all kinds of tacos... even fish tacos (even though at one point, I thought that sounded gross).

    I also really like enchiladas with pipian (pumpkin seed) sauce. I can only get them in Texas, however. I got to have some on vacation last week and they were heavenly!