Saturday, May 6, 2006

We had a full house last week. This was the scene that greeted you when you entered my house. Buddy, Oscar and Stewie.

Yes, we were dogsitting Buddy again last week. He went home yesterday. I think he had a good time. I discovered he likes to devour items in threes. By the time Buddy left, he had eaten... 3 stuffed felt heart magnets, three Easter eggs, and three doggy toys. The last one was a rope toy and those three strands were all that was left of it.


  1. thats so funny...a doggy with OCD hehe

  2. I always forget you "have" an Oscar and Buddy too. Here's a picture of mine:

    Oscar's the white one who needs a haircut. Buddy's the black one.

  3. That is so sad! Your poor cute li'l hearts & eggs!!

    Bad Buddy, bad!!