Saturday, June 3, 2006

Aaron and I have left for the beach for a week with my parents and sister. Oscar is going too and he has his swimsuit all packed.

Tina will be publishing my pre-written posts. Later!


  1. What about Stu? Who is caring for Stu and now that I think of it why can't he go too? Have a nice time.

  2. You may already know about this, but given your comment a few posts ago about how you are into skull and crossbones t-shirts lately, and how I know you are also into cupcakes, you should check out for some killer t-shirts.

    I am a long-time reader, though I have never commented, and I really enjoy your blog, fyi. :)


  3. I am caring for Stewie. He is a very good kittie, listens well. He fell in the toilet today. After I made sure he was ok, I laughed my butt off.

  4. Poor little lonely Stewie. Ha ha about the toilet incident. I actually had a cat that peed in the toilet in secret. We walked by the restroom in the dark one night and heard someone peeing - flipped on the light and there was Tangie, spread out over the water! So funny.

    Ok, I really came in here to wish you a happy vacation. We just got back from ours and it was really fun. :) Nice to "Meet" you Tina. What a nice friend you are to take care of Stew.

    That is one good-lookin' beach dog, Jenny! You have a good eye for photography.