Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I spotted the cutest little bottles of water at Wegmans the other day. Poland Spring is making Aquapods. The idea is to get kids excited about drinking water, but I think the bottles are cute too. The packaging claims it has an "orbtastic shape". Orbtastic!

Apparently there is an Aquapod Mobile touring the country. We all know how I love Brandmobiles. I just missed the Spammobile in PA when I was home at the beginning of the month.


  1. The thing about cute packaging is that I find it so adorable I cannot bring myself to throw it away. It just looks so sad empty and alone in my garbage. I was so in love with the Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso cans (I'm weird), I kept a bunch lined up above my sink. I gave them a purpose, though. I filled them with water and put daisies inside :)

  2. Look at the lengths people will go to to sell water. WATER! I'm a sucker for marketing, too.

  3. The font on these bottles is problematic, though: at first glance I thought it said "Aquapoo!"