Friday, September 15, 2006

And the skull fashion obsession continues. I got a pair of skull Vans in Toronto, and recently acquired a skull scarf and skull shirt. I don't wear them all at once so as to not look too scary.


  1. I'm with you in the skull collection department. I bought some skull vans as well - I just can't get enough.

  2. phew ;) making me want to knit a Skully again :)

  3. Let me try again, if you get two comments I'm sorry. I picked up this necklace in Oregon and thought....

    Skulls = sometimes scary
    Skulls w/heart shaped eyes = Too cute!

  4. Just catching up on some reading - too bad I didn't catch this before. These would have been great to wear on 9/18 - International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
    We celebrate in our office with pirate flags, pirate lingo and little pirate goodies every year. Very fun!