Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stewie has been with us for four months now and has become accustomed to having his picture taken often. He has become quite the poser actually. I should have known he would fit right in when I took this cell phone picture of him when we first found him at the shelter and he smiled for the camera.

Mr. Photogenic is featured again today on 1000 Words. Oscar is somewhat bitter about this.


  1. A friend at work just got two kitties. I need a kitty.

    Anywho, off topic, I just looked it up and saw that Nigella's new food network show starts on October 1st!! I know you're a fan, so I thought I'd share...

  2. Saw this HUGE pug toy at the Royal Melbourne Show in Australia on the weekend and thought of you!


  3. Both Stewie and Oscar are so adorable, but I have never seen anythng like this. So very, very cute!