Friday, October 6, 2006

I am so excited that Nigella is back on the air. Her new show Nigella Feasts is on the Food Network. Look at this cute honey bee cake she made! Be sure to tune in on the 22nd... she is going to make food like Blood and Guts Baked Potatoes and green pea Slime Soup.


  1. LJC...where is your fall themed banner? I look forward with great anticipation to your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas banners every year. I know how busy you've been, so I guess I'll give you a break just this once, lol.
    That bee cake looks adorable, btw


  2. Oh I am so envious! We are not getting the Feast Show for a while yet here in the UK.

    We are getting a Christmas special this year though- I can hardly wait!

    Have you read Recipes For a Perfect Marriage by Kate Kerrigan? There is a honey cake recipe in that (It is a fiction book interspersed with recipes that tie in with the story) but I must say this cake looks far cuter!

  3. I love her too. Glad you are a fan as well. Everything about her is so relaxed.

  4. Oh I absolutely love Nigella! How can someone be so beautiful, talented and NICE at the same time?!