Friday, November 3, 2006

It's been a few months since I have written about my favorite household product company Method, so I figure we are due. I really wanted to write about the cool holiday Method items I saw at Target, but their site doesn't have any mention of them yet.

Instead here is an update on the coolest, newest stuff I see they have come out with.

Microfiber cloths specifically designed for different surfaces... to help cut back on the use of paper towels. Goodness knows we blow through rolls of paper towels at my house. Moisturizing creamy hand wash... this sounds like a must have for winter... I am washing my hands more due to cold season, but the cold,dry air takes it's toll. Baby clothes detergent... I don't need to wash any baby clothes, but the bottles are pink! Lastly...wet dryer sheets. I had to say that to myself a couple times... wet dryer sheets... so crazy it just might work.


  1. I love Method stuff, too! I'm still waiting for my Target to get the Mandarin Grapefruit Kitchen cleaner.

    I have to say, though, that the "specialty" microfiber cloths seem like a bit of a crock to me. I use my basic ones on just about everything. Plus, one of the big advantages to microfiber is that you can often use them (damp and wrung out well) without an additional cleaner.

    I bought the creamy hand wash, though, because I'm sure it's MUCH, MUCH different than the cheap store brand moisturizing soap. . . I'm such a sucker for packaging.

  2. does everyone find that the method cleaners work well? i used the kitchen cleaner a few years ago and found that it left my countertops streaked - maybe they've updated the formula? i'm wondering how the tub&tile cleaner works. i'd love to use something non-toxic and bio-friendly...


  3. I love Method as well! Such cute stuff. Have you seen this site by the way?

    I just purchased some words for my sons nursery! Such a great idea.

  4. Oh, how I love Method products. I have been a die-hard customer for about two years. I have two of the four microfiber cloths, but haven't seen the other new items yet. Thanks for alerting us; I will definitely be looking for them on my next trip to Target (which is Tuesday).

    (By the way, I am a mostly-silent Bloglines reader. <--- My lame introduction.)

  5. Their window cleaner is without doubt the best Ive ever used.
    Most of the new Holiday scents are not too great, but the Spiced Pear hand soap is amazing! I wasnt too sure at the store, but the more I use it... the more I find "reasons" to wash my hands! ha!

  6. Um.. I LOVE Method. But their dishwasher tablets don't seem to be doing the job. And I bought a case of it. Not very happy.