Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yesterday, Aaron and I took a crepe making class with Tina and Shruti at Simply Crepes. When I first saw our instructor make one I though "Awww no way... this is gonna be a mess."

But by the end of the class we were all making nice round thin crepes. I think the "magic stick" (t-rake) is essential. We bought one and took it home to make our own crepes for breakfast.

The best part of the class was filling them up with ingredients like chocolate mousse, berries and maple syrup.

So far at home we have made nutella/banana and scrambled egg/maple syrup crepes.

I took pictures of our class and added them to my Projects Gallery.

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  1. Have you done these at home yet? I'm curious if it really is just the T rake or if its also the special cooker as well. And while I'd love a crepe maker there is no way I can justify it as a unitasker.