Thursday, April 26, 2007

This has been concert week for me... Guster on Tuesday and tonight we went to see Modest Mouse. Pretty good show. (I was taken aback to see the lead singer smoking a cigarette on stage between songs though... isn't that an occupational hazard?)

I remember how surprised I was the first time I heard Modest Mouse, because for the longest time I didn't think they were a real band. It's because in 1999 I read their name in a comic and I thought they were made up. Hah.

(from the 3/5/99 article "Urban Hipsters")

Apologies for the f-bomb... you know how cartoon characters love to swear.


  1. WOW! The F-bomb on the ljc blog! Isn't that going to shatter the sweetness and light that is ljc? Way to rip the fabric of the universe, Jenny! [wink wink, nudge nudge]

  2. annegret - oh, you have no idea... I sat and stared at the panel for awhile contemplating blipping out the f word... but it seemed ridiculous... and wrong to do to someone else's work... I tell myself... "I didn't write it! It was just there!"

    lucky olive - did you get as smushed as I did? (we were pretty close to the stage and had to move back... it got crazy) what did you think of the opening bands?

    andrew - I KNOW! I loved that site.

  3. It's so great to see Modest Mouse get national recognition. I remember seeing them at a little show about 10 years ago at a local community college (yes, in Washington State). They were pretty unknown back then, and I think they also were playing with Mxpx, too.

  4. We fortunately snagged a spot on the outside of the 'wall' (the edges of the 'football field') so as not to get crushed. We had a really good view, though. The wall saved us from being knocked over by flailing limbs/fights/people passing out a few times!

    I liked Man Man a lot - it's hard to appreciate new bands live, unless they have an interesting stage presence...Man Man certainly did! I actually Googled them while they were on stage (dorky).

  5. I love that you posted something with the word "f@@@". I couldn't believe it either, lol. It makes this site even more interesting heehe.
    Been an avid reader for a long time. I live in michigan. Don't even remember how i came acrossed your website, but haven't stopped visiting since. hehhee.

  6. Aw! I just wish you hadn't. My kids and I have loved to check out your website. They love Oscar & Stewie (and the Peepmobiles), and I love everything else! They were heartbroken when I told them they could no longer look at your website. I did tell them I'll show them new pet pics. (PS-I know that this isn't a "Kid's blog", and that's OK - it was just nice that it was kid friendly.) =)

  7. okieqt - it will probably be another seven years (if ever) that you will see anything like that again!