Monday, April 16, 2007

This is what was in my yard a few weeks ago. 

Take a good look, because now my yard is covered in yicky snowy slush. 

I like winter... just not in April.


  1. I'm jealous my Crocus didn't produce any flowers they grew an inch and then gave up. You should come back to California it's 70 degrees out here.

  2. Ah yes, must be a belated April Fools joke. ;-) I made a new word for it when I used to live in the Northeast... "snush" for "snow/slush". =)

    And did you see Wegmen's won a Food Network Award?

  3. I definitely don't miss spring in upstate NY. I do miss winter though...snow and hot chocolate. :-)

  4. The yellow & purple look great together! (Complimentary colors, don't you know).