Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I was stumbling around this morning when I heard on the local news that GM's new Chevy Sequel was heading out on a 300 mile drive. This is great because the Chevy Sequel is the first fuel cell powered vehicle to travel 300 miles on one tank of hydrogen. The Sequel is like an electric car, with no transmisison and zero emissions. The only byproduct is water.

I think this is really exciting. The semi-secret GM Fuel Cell Center is in Honeoye Falls and I have read a lot about the EV1's that I used to see driving around that area.

If you live in NYC, Wash DC or Southern California you can sign up to test drive a Sequel Fall 2007. I am really bummed they aren't doing it in Rochester... with the Fuel Cell Center nearby wouldn't it make sense? Pooh.


  1. I have to admit, your fyi as to who you are, was the best intro I have ever seen, Looks you are too creative :)

  2. I'm not a car person so this is probably a really stupid question...but how can a car not have a transmission?

  3. Andrea - good question... this is what they say...
    "When accelerating, the slight whine of the electric motors continuously increases without interruption of transmission shifts. That's because there is no transmission, the Sequel incorporates a direct drive design. Accelerator pedal, brake pedal and steering all act and "feel" remarkably similar to a normal car-based SUV, but that feeling is artificial. GM engineers have programmed the by wire driving controls to simulate driving feedback. And, in fact, the feedback can be personalized to meet different drivers' preferences."