Wednesday, May 2, 2007


This evening I was puttering around the house when Aaron came running inside. He was supposed to be at scooter club (Negative Image Scooter Club)... and he was... he just brought them all to our house.


I hopped on and we were off. If you think you get some stares zipping along on a scooter... try it with a gang of 15 scooters.

It was so much fun. I shot some more videos... this one and a couple more here.


  1. I am addicted to your blog... it is so entertianing.

    Love the music on the scooter shots.

  2. I second the loving your blog. I have a scooter named Bettie that's exactly like the Malaguti Yesterday at the beginning of the scooter lineup video! I haven't seen anyone else with one like it!

  3. *GASP*
    aaron's in a gang!

  4. How much fun! Your music was a perfect fit.

  5. I love your little scooter gang. Now I think I have to have a scooter. Too bad I live in San Antonio, Tx where people think nothing of running over people on a daily basis. I'd be nothing but a grease spot on the road.

  6. i love the scooter videos SO MUCH. i almost spit my coffee out when you gave the eyebrows at the beginning of this video. TOO FUNNY!

  7. Thank you everyone!

    ruajennie - are youin a scooter gang?

    tricia _ I listened to sooo many music clips

    andrea - I want my OWN scooter too!

    stephanie - my husband thought it was hilarious too.

  8. That's the most awesome thing i have ever seen! I gotta get my scooter fixed! i wanna be in a scooter gang.

  9. I agree with everyone else -- your blog is so entertaining and a must read for me each day.

    I am LOVING these videos you have been posting! How are you filming them? With a digital camera? Also, how are you making the video? (I really want to do this for my kids.)

  10. THAT is just about the grooviest thing EVA!

    We need a scooter club here in Tuvalu - there are nearly a dozen at the train station each morning.