Sunday, June 3, 2007


Coming off a Henry's popcorn addiction from the Lilac Festival, I spotted these bags of Popcorn, Indiana popcorn at Wegmans. Turns out there is a real town called Popcorn in Indiana.

The popcorn is all natural and comes in flavors like kettlecorn, spicey honey mustard, summer picnic bbq and smoked cheddar cheese. You can even have it delivered to your door.

I had a BBQ and it was yummm- eee.

(a little more info on Henry for those who know whom I speak of... "Chronically long lines are part of the testimony to Henry's popularity. Henry, the man at the kettle with the long wooden paddle, looks like a Mennonite in an Eddie Bauer wardrobe upgrade. In actuality, Henry was a lawyer in a past life. His straw hat is not just for show. When he pours the kernels into the hot oil, the bowed rim guards against hot splatterings.")


  1. These are also featured in this month's In Style. IS credits Dale and Thomas Popcorn as the maker. I can't wait to try!

  2. I've tried a couple of the flavors after I found them at World Market. Good stuff.