Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I read about this sandwich and I think about it all the time. It is called a Pig's Ass Sandwich! It has... "two types of pork butt (a.k.a. pork shoulder), one that’s beenbrined and glazed with maple syrup like a baked ham, the other one rubbed with a slew of spices and Peet’s coffee and thenslow-roasted and shredded like pulled pork. " Ahhhh!


  1. I know you guys are animal lovers, and I know my comment won't suddenly turn you into ethical vegetarians, but won't you consider how pork arrives on your plate? Pigs are so intelligent, more often than not factory farmed (raised) in sad and squalid conditions. As soon as optimum weight is reached, they're herded onto livestock trucks with other stressed out pigs and driven to the slaughterhouse.

    A pig's life is mostly one of suffering (if you can take their graphic nature, photos and video Are available at If I were a meat-eater, I'd at least give up pigs, out of compassion. Please just think about it.

  2. The "ethical vegetarians" bit had me rolling my eyes. It reeks of self righteousness. Being a vegetarian does not make you ethical, and being a meat-eater does not make a person unethical.

    But more to the point, who knew a sandwich would kick up such controversy? This isn't the first time Jenny's posted about food, not even the first time she's posted about pork - why pick on her while she's out of town? I mean really, it's just a sandwich. A really tasty looking sandwich.

    Sorry to be so contentious - zealots make me cranky.