Thursday, June 21, 2007


Method can't go a few months without coming out with more cool products. This one looks really strange but it is an aroma ring. Supposed to put off an aroma like cut grass or vanilla apple without batteries, an outlet or fire. Magic!


If you don't like smelliness, you could go with the new go naked line which has no dyes or perfumes.


This is their new line of shower products, bloq. There is body wash, soap, lotion and shave cream. I am curious about one of the scents these products come in... beach sage. Do they mean sage the herb or a wise old man that lives on the beach? Hmmmmm. 


And since I am clearly a Method nut... I really should have this t-shirt.


  1. I *love* Method products! I'll have to keep an eye out for the new products.

  2. I switched to method cleaning products because of the lack of icky smelly chemicals. I currently use the naked wipes for counter clean-up in the kitchen. I LOVE that it doesn't smell like I just disinfected a hotel room. My nearby Target was sold out of the spray or I would have that as well.

  3. I've been looking for and using a lot of the Method products, too. Bloq soap bars smell heavenly and have a creamy lather that rinses clean. I bought the sage one and the minty one and both have VERY subtle scents. Not perfumey, but still full of scent. Not drying, either, which is pretty good for a bar soap.

    I love the dish soap--I have the grapefruit one next to my sink and they're right about the concentrated forumla. Just a wee bit does a LOT of dishes. And whatever they use in the soap is the best grease cutter short of baking soda and vinegar (which I use a lot).

    I just wish I could find the dishwashing tablets.

  4. We've started using Method around here because of your posts - my fave is the lavender scent.

  5. I'm a big Method fan, except for the Daily Shower, which I find has a chemical smell. I'm wondering if they've changed it since I first bought it (I hardly ever use it!) because the website says this: "To prove its safety, Adam Lowry, one of method's co-founders, drank a shot of method daily shower spray while taping an infomercial in Japan. While it smells great, method tastes terrible. Please, never drink method!" Ha!

  6. Hey LJC, I'm a regular reader of your blog here (used to have you on my blog roll back when i blogged) but I also work at method! (I work in finance not in pr)

    as for beach sage, that scent was inspired by the wild sage that grows along Crissy Field (not sure if you got over that way on your trip to SF).
    I love the scent, but i must admit, it makes me hungry! Sage makes me think of roast chicken. So I slather myself with the lotion then immediately crave dinner.

    (I have a couple extra tshirts at home in size small and XL still in their packaging. if either of those will fit you let me know and I'll send it over! They are the people against dirty kind though)

    Jenni: you can still find the dishwashing cubes on the method website though just to let you know, they are discontinued so they might not be there for long.

    Rachel: The daily shower scent is made from ylang ylang. I don't like it much either but it's one of our most popular products so a lot of people must!


  7. When I saw the new Method bar soap and lotions a few months ago in my local Target I thought of you!

  8. Beware...the handle part of my O-Mop snapped right off the last time I used it!

  9. thanks for posting about the non-scented naked products! i'm going to have to check those out. i'm extremely picky when it comes to scents (i can't even use scented deodorants) and it's nice that they're earth friendly.

    have you ever tried the tub and tile spray? my bathroom could use some hardcore cleaning but i'm wondering if it's strong enough.

  10. In my method madness I bought the shower spray -after shower spray on wet tiles. I must have oversprayed last time 'cause I DOUSED the shower and the smell was way too overpowering. So much that I turned the shower on again to rinse some off. Good news - nice clean streak on the stubby stubborn bottom part of the tub where I had previously sprayed. So it looks like it works just don't go spray crazy. Just a little goes a long way.

  11. I was just thinking, I wish they made Method in no fragrance, because it does get to be overpowering when using it in the bathroom...and even with the window open. I was thinking of just switching to vinegar and water which I hear works just as well.


  12. The vanilla apple ring is AMAZING! I have it in my bathroom and it is so fantastic. I'm going to need a couple more.

  13. The Aroma ring looks kinda cute. I just love Method products and their scents.

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