Sunday, June 17, 2007

We went to the Jazz Festival for the first time this weekend. Okay so we maybe didn't so much pay money to hear jazz as we stood around and listened to the free concerts. I'm not sure if I would have considered Rusted Root as jazz, but I guess most music has roots in jazz right?

One of the bands we saw was from Scotland. They were wearing kilts. Note the festival dancing guy on the right. You know it's a good concert if the festival dancing guy is there.

Chuck and Tina brought Lauren. She may be the next festival dancing baby. She is pictured demonstrating two of the main activities at the festival... dancing and drinking.


  1. yeah, i was toally surprised also by rusted root. but i heard that the jazz festival is more about the appreciation of music in general, not just jazz. so if they can gather people to enjoy music, no matter the type, they are successful.

    i went both friday and saturday night. there was a reggae band that was amazing on friday night and on saturday, rusted root was phenomenal! luckily, we got there 2 hours early so we had great "seats."

    hooray for rochester. it was my 1st time at the jazz festival also, but i will definitely return next year!

  2. we heard the reggae band friday too... toots and m-something... they were good, and soooo loud! The bass was jiggling my insides.

  3. My kids *love* bud light :P