Friday, August 17, 2007

tea leaf

Aprille brought in these delicious pastries from Genesee Bakery called Tea Leaves.

Now I have had elephant ears and beavers tails, and that is what I though these would be like. Oh no. They are a crispy puff pastry with a sugary glaze on top. They are heavenly. 

I have done some extensive googling and I cannot find anything like them online.  I briefly thought they might be like Palm Leaves or Palmiers (also called elephant ears) but I don't think they are. 

I did however stumble upon Fried Coke while I was searching so it was somewhat productive.

(almost simultaneously Aprille emailed me about Deep Fried Pepsi... freaky)


  1. I heard that they had the fried coke at the NC state fair (land of everything deep fried!) last year. The report was that it was "overrated". If you have a chance, try a deep fried moon pie or oreos! Those are my favorites.

  2. I have had a deep fried oreo... delish! A deep fried moon pie sounds good to!

  3. My mom used to make something similar to this with pieces of pie crust that she cut off around the sides. She used to put butter and cinnamon and sugar on it, and bake them for a much shorter time than the pie.