Thursday, August 30, 2007


Are you going to be in California this weekend? Would you like to go to a NASCAR race? Do you have an old inkjet printer sitting around?

I am going to be at the Hollywood and Highlands Center Awards Walk on Saturday from 11am to 3pm giving away free tickets to the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Sharp AQUOS 500 race on Sunday, Sept. 2, at the California Speedway in exchange for old printers. 

The first 75 people that show up with an old printer will get a pair of race tickets. All the printers will be recycled.

I think this is a great deal and I don't want any of the tickets to go to waste! I want to trade them all away! Bring your printer and spread the word! Put it on your blog! Tell your friends and family! 

Kodak Printer/Race Ticket Trade In Event
Saturday, September 1, 2007
11am to 3pm
The Kodak Theatre
Hollywood and Highland Center Awards Walk
6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA


  1. When are you coming to Pennsylvania? I would be happy to let someone have my NASCAR tickets if I could just get rid of some of the old printers we have sitting around here. What a great idea!

  2. Hi LJC! I live in the area and have an old printer sitting around. I'll plan on being there Saturday to make the trade. :)

  3. Hi LJC! I've been an avid reader (though seldom comment)...but you have to try Beard Papa cream puffs at Hollywood & Highland. They are the best!

    Be sure to try the alternative flavors as well.

    Enjoy your time in LA, and if you'd like more food tips please feel free to email!

  4. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your site, because it always makes me feel better than before I clicked to it. Thanks!

  5. Poo... I have an old printer and I'd LOVE NASCAR tickets but I'm in Virginia...

  6. hi, i was randomly surfing for pictures of hearts dangled on trees and i found your blog! its really nice, and i love all the pictures you take! they're so vibrant and full of life. it makes me happy just seeing them. you have so much fun in your life. i hope you'll continue to enjoy your life, love. :)

    oh, btw, is that your laptop in this photo?:

    its really nice, is it an apple?

  7. ok, on closer inspection of that photo, i don't think its an apple. but its really pretty. may i know what laptop is it? hee.. thanks lots =)

  8. ljc, where are you? today is tuesday and this post, your last, is dated last thursday! i thought you were supposed to be updated daily...

  9. craft & bake - it was great meeting you!

    valerie - I am so upset! I totally forgot to look for Beard Papas! Others told me about it in San Fran and I missed it there too! Arrghhhh!

    anonymous - yep... that is a macbook in the picture!

    anonymous - I was in California! I wrote posts there but didn't publish them because the hotel internet was pricey.