Sunday, August 5, 2007

ansel tee

The George Eastman House gave out 100 Ansel Rocks! t-shirts to promote the Ansel Adams exhibit. There is even a flickr group for picture of people in their t-shirts.

We just became members of the GEH. I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. I really like going to The Dryden Theatre. Right now they are running Audrey Hepburn Wednesdays.



  1. What is that on your shoes? Are those Pugs?

  2. Yum, the blue cotton candy looks great.

  3. your site always makes me want to move to rochester so badly! it seems like there are more fun activities there than in NYC. and now that you have a sephora, i could just transfer! to convince the boyfriend that the commute wouldn't be THAT bad...

  4. anonymous - no those aren't pugs... they are skulls... from my skull phase

    shauna - I know a few people that have made the switch from nyc to rochester... they seem happy enough. : )

  5. Hey LJC
    It's Rachel from GEH. Great photo! Thanks for spreading the word that Ansel Rocks!

    I met up with a friend in Boston earlier this week. She's been one of your devoted readers since the beginning.

    Now she's got me hooked!