Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The other night Aaron came home with a little container of mini pez with a Norman Rockwell design on it. The US PEZ website is under construction but I think they are for the 80th anniversary of PEZ.


We also found these Jone's Soda Carbonated Candies at a checkout line. They are fizzy... mmmm... I love fizzy candy.


  1. ooh. i love norman rockwell, his illustrations are so nostalgic.

    Several years ago I scored a rockwell xmas book at a garage sale. It killed me to rip the posters out, but they look really great on the wall during the holidays.

    pez is fun too. i never would have IMAGINED the two combining forces!

  2. My kids liked the berry lemonade & the green apple but not the fufu berry. (those were the only Jones flavors where I found mine.) Which did you get?

  3. pixie - we got the green apple... yum