Sunday, August 12, 2007


We were at the NASCAR race at Watkins Glen today. Go Kodak No.12!


Aaron and I went for a pace car ride, saw the car up close and watched the pit crew during the race.


While the Kodak team is my favorite, me being me... I am attracted to the cute mascots. It cracked me up to see Little Debbie's mug on the hood of a car. The Hamburger Helper hand is awesome. Note they are called The Helping Hand Pit Crew. Also loving Poppin' Fresh the doughboy and Tony the Tiger.

zippo crocs

The cool Zippo car was there and check out these Croc rides!


I saw these UPS trucks out back. A flame painted one, an old one and one the size of a golf cart. Cute!

Here are all 332 pictures (whew!) on my Gallery.


  1. You know the Croc phenomenon has reached maximum density when there's a flippin' ride for it!

  2. Hi Jenny! Paul did the whole NASCAR driving experience a couple months ago...check it out on our photo site.

  3. It's where you can also spot some weird rides. But the best part is watching the race.