Friday, September 7, 2007

I really shouldn't be thinking about this since I did just get a shiny new pink scooter this summer, but I am loving the cool beach cruiser type bikes that are out there.

This is the new trend! Stylish girls rolling around town on cute bikes with a basket filled with baguettes and flowers. Streets Blog says "Bicycles are the New NYC "It Girl" Fashion Accessory.

Alex the Girl just got one that has a skirt guard!

The New York Observer has an article about celebrities and super models tooling around Manhattan on them.

There is even an entire blog, Cycle Chic, Copenhagen Girls on Bikes dedicated to genre.

It's green, it's healthy and it's so European. And look at the amazing bikes they have at Electra Bike!


  1. I have an Electra and just love it. They are so cute and so comfy. No hard seats for!

  2. Hey, there's my bike! I have the Electra Gypsy, her name is Esmeralda. You can see some pictures of her here:

  3. oh my gosh! there is a girl that rides around on one of these beautiful bikes in the NOTA neighborhood (where i live) and i am JEALOUS! she looks so cute riding it and i want one. my grandmother used to have a powder blue bike similar to this style and i used to ride it around her house, even in the 90's i thought it was the coolest thing.

    i soooo want one.

  4. I got my "cruiser' last spring to pedal around Pittsford and the canal. It is a Schwinn...and the bike guy said it was the end of an era as they were then going to be sold at Walmart with different standards. I love it, although the first time I rode it I thought I had made big mistake as it has no gears!!! But, I improved and now I love it. I opted for a mesh metal basket to give it a little modern edge. A dozen bagels and a small vintage purse fit in it nicely!

  5. Wow, it's beautiful! When I was a little girl, my mother and my aunt used to have bikes just like these with skirt guards on. I remember that my aunt's was all white - super cute and chic at the same time. I think my mother's was orange... ah the lovely late 70's! But I didn't know that it was "very European" (I'm from Sweden) - is it really?
    And thanks for the link to the Alex blog. I'm hooked! :)

  6. I own the pink and green beauty you have featured in the lower right hand corner. I call her "the lime sherbet incident" or just sherbet for short. she is a sweet sweet ride!

  7. Hey Jenny! I loved those pink shoes in the Winnie the Pooh picture. I thought I would tell you about the Wedge Clog contest I'm having at my blog for a free pair of 75$ Easy Spirit black fall clogs. I know how you love shoes (after your awesome shoe project you posted).

    Here's the link:

    You don't have to be a homeschooler a teacher or a mom to win. Anyone who wants a nice pair of women's shoes can get in on the contest. I'd love to hear which shoes of the Easy Spirit collection are your favorites. That is what everyone is posting (just a comment with their favorite shoes and a post with a link).

  8. If I was buying my bike again, I'd get a Bianchi Milano (the woman's open frame, in green). Of course, I'd kit it out with a basket, etc.

    As it is, I have a Biria (again, open-framed) that I'm pretty happy wit (especially now that I've got a basket).

  9. Must. Have. Green. Bike!!!!

  10. the bike is a superior option to the scooter...

    greater mobility
    greater control

    it is a different experience

    not as easy to tuck away in your house/apartment as the scooter

    not as easy to take up and down the stairs


    you can cover more distance
    you can move faster

    it is also good for you

    get the bike!