Wednesday, September 12, 2007


On our last day in Toronto we went into a grocery store and bought food for a quick little picnic. Tina and I each got one of these petite baguettes and split a block of brie.

I think it is the cutest little baguette ever. I just love miniature food. In fact I started a Flickr group for pictures of miniature food. Check it out, coo over the itty bitty food items and add your own pictures if you have them.


  1. Hi Jenny,
    Just curious as to how long it takes you to make a post.
    I know I sit here and refresh like a maniac, hoping your newest post will pop up like magic, but I am sure it takes a lot of time and effort.
    I'd be interested in a behind the scenes of an ljcfyi post.
    Just wonderin' s'all...

    Oh, and so this comment isn't unrelated to the post, I have had those very same bitty loaves and they are as tasty as they are cute! I kinda felt bad eating it, but I got over it pretty quickly!

  2. I think that's called a 'roll'...


  3. If you like mini foods, you might enjoy seeing this winning entry from a craft challenge on Craftster.

  4. sarah - creating a post can vary from five minutes (just a picture and a comment) to twenty minutes (finding links, processing several pictures) I write my posts pretty quickly... it's getting them published that takes me awhile sometimes... I don't always have access to the internet (when I am traveling or am at my parents home)

    vaxgirl - thank you for the link, the mini burger and fries are amazing!