Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I saw these Euro Cloths in an Ideal Bite newsletter. They are "superabsorbent, reusable, biodegradable cloths you can throw in the dishwasher." When I went to the Twist website I found that they also had Euro Sponges for wiping and Loofah Sponges for scrubbing... both biodegradable. And they are cute too!

I am also digging these Nellie's Dryerballs. They "soften fabrics naturally without using chemical fabric softeners." Now that line-drying season is over, I could really use these.


  1. i might have to give those products a try... after all, they make cleaning look so darn fun!!

  2. I got some of those dryer balls, and I can vouch for them -- they really do reduce wrinkles and shorten the amount of time you need to dry your clothes.

  3. I picked up some dryerballs at a local grocery (Meijer) - but they were in the baby section under they brandname "totally toddler"- made by the same company and all, exact same product, just pitching it to parents as a way to soften kids laundry without chemicals. And they are pink! Anyway, I noticed the Nellie's ones are around $20 online and mine were $13.99

    They work great and shorten drying time a little bit too.

  4. I have the dryer balls too, they do seem to work. Some things will come out of the dryer staticy, but it seems to go away very quickly.

  5. Hi Jenny!
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  6. I think I might also try the dryer balls...We've already switched to a more Earth-friendly, non-perfumed or dyed laundry detergent (although it was more for my sensitive skin's sake at first).

    Also....I have the exact same towels! They're in our half bath, which has a 'water' theme.

  7. I haven't noticed my stuff getting dryer faster with the dryer balls, but they are great for fluffing things up that would normally get all bunchy, like a duvet cover. I'm pretty sure all real loofahs are biodegradable. I was amazed to find out they grow like a zucchini, not a sea sponge, lol!

  8. I bought the Nellie's this fall and I am really enjoying them. My mom was shocked at the price, but I figure they will last as long or longer than $20 worth of dryer sheets. That's about a year's worth.