Thursday, October 4, 2007


We are going to be in Cleveland for a Maroon 5 concert friday night and coming home saturday.

Is anyone out there from Cleveland? Are there any restaurants, shops or CUPCAKE bakeries that are must visits? 

Keep in mind we are going to be there for a very short time.


  1. If you like big sandwiches, this is pretty close to the Q. It's a local chain, and gets pretty crazy before/after large events at the Q & Jacob's Field. Panini's

    Can't think of any great places for cupcakes. If you had more time, there is a place called Biagio's on the east side that has pizza and donuts. Cheap AND good!

    R&T Mom

  2. We have no cupcake bakeries at all (very sad). But if you're an Iron Chef fan at all, you should absolutely try to eat at Lola or Lolita. The chef/owner Michael Symon is a contestant on The Next Iron Chef, starting Sunday. Also, we have a great public market you could check out and grab breakfast at on Saturday. The West Side Market is at W. 25th and Lorain.

  3. For insane, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, try Melt:
    Tommy's has great vegetarian food:
    Little Italy is always good, and my favorite restaurant there is Trattoria:
    I agree with the post about Michael Symon's restaurants. Both Lola and Lolita are wonderful; Lolita's a bit easier on the wallet.
    Have fun!
    - Julie

  4. I have to second the suggestion from the "other" Julie that Tommy's is a fabulous restaurant. Very laid back. Awesome for people watching and the shakes are too die for. The bonus is the quirky little shops around it. I love Coventry!

  5. strangely enough, we'll be in cleveland this coming weekend as well. i'd definitely hit coventry if i were you. tommy's is good, the mongolian barbecue ( is lots of fun, and you'll be able to hit big fun (the toy store i told you about). however, if you're wanting the downtown experience (also good), tower city is a neat shopping center, the cleveland arcade (arcade in the sense of having shops in it, not video games) is where we did our wedding pictures. the cleveland zoo is excellent (and you can get in free with a rochester zoo membership). they have a neat rain forest exhibit. (i suppose i could go on for a long time about things to do in the city.)

  6. I visit Cleveland about once a month. The only restaurants I've found worth visiting are Lola and Lolita.

    I like the West Side Market. Get the caramel & cheese popcorn... I think they call it "dichotomy".


  7. Although I haven't eaten there yet, I hear Lola and Lolita are the best and what fun to eat at a restaurant owned by an Iron Chef contender. If you go to Lolita you should definitely check out the Velvet Tango Room for cocktails. It is relatively close by ( Have fun visiting the Cleve!

  8. I just moved back to Cleveland this past spring. And I third or fourth the recommendation on Tommy's. It has a full menu to please the vegetarian and meat-eater alike and colossal milkshakes.

    Although I haven't been yet so I cannot vouche for it, I've heard a few good things about a place called Babycakes ( not too far from Tommy's on South Taylor in Cleveland Heights. They do sweets including cupcakes. Their website says: "Our motto is "Instead of wasting a cake, 'cup-a-cake!!!'"

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  10. YES! Dont miss coventry, its not big but it has a few little cool shops that I think you would enjoy. I havent been there in a few years but I cold see you having a blast at big fun. Tommys is a must do.. get a peach shake and a fantasy salad for me!!

    *sigh* I miss home