Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I have four Christmas tablecloths in my vintage tablecloth collection and this is my favorite. I am rotating them this season. When we eat at the table I cover as much as I can with placemat to prevent a disaster.


I need to get some of this Retro Clean. Some of my other vintage tablecloths have some pre-existing stains. Retro Clean is a safe for vintage linens and can remove brown age stains while enhancing and brightening the color. Sounds like a miracle soap!


  1. carol @puresugar.netDecember 4, 2007 at 3:58 PM

    I wonder if RetroClean really works. I have quite a few vintage tablecloths that are stained and I just haven't been able to get them out.

  2. I swear by OxyClean. It's miraculous.

  3. oooh OxyClean... there's an idea. Is it safe for antique linens?

  4. I have soaked things (silk, cotton, a down coat and a capilene shirt) in OxyClean for like 2 days and never had any problems with discoloration or anything. There's not too much on their website about it, but they do make an "OxiClean Baby" and "OxiClean Free" which may be more gentle. http://www.oxiclean.com/default2.asp

  5. My mother just gave me an intricate lace table cloth that she had crocheted herself.
    I have four kids.
    Did I mention it is also snow white?
    In order to be able to use it, or any of my tablecloths and to protect both the linens and the oak/teak danish modern table - I went out to the fabric store and bought two meters of heavy clear vinyl and voila! I don't care if we have cranberry sauce and gravy floods, it all wipes off.

    No, I don't wrap my couch in it, just the table top.

  6. deepfinesse - oh good! thanks!

    gawdess - that's a great idea!

  7. According to a lot of folks on Flickr who have vintage tablecloths, Retro Clean works very well. You need to use it outside in the sunlight. I did get some, but I swear we haven't had bright sunlight since I got it, so I'm not sure how it will work on my stuff. Sometimes just leaving something out in the summer sun is enough to bleach out any stains.

    Oxyclean is great, but don't use it on anything with metalic thread, I think it leaves holes.

  8. Biz works just as well, is available all over, and is cheap.

    Hot hot hot water and Biz. Let your item soak. Then wash in the washer.

    Swear by the stuff.

  9. I would suggest the use of clear (matte finish) vinyl to protect your fabric. Just cut a piece to fit the oval of your tabletop and if you wanted to go a step further, invest in having a piece of acrylic or glass cut to size. Neat idea too you can then put photos and other memoribilia under it throughout the year when you arent using tablecloths!

  10. jenny - if you do try it, be sure to let us know about the results! i've done the lemon juice n sun thing. as well as a mix of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap (a grease dissolving one with no dyes). both were successful with spot treatments on vintage textiles. but i always test somewhere. i've heard some horror stories with oxyclean...

    the retroclean packaging looks so fun - it's worth a try!