Sunday, December 2, 2007


We braved the cold today and went to the tree farm to cut down our Christmas Tree.


Oscar was a big help.

Afterwards we had stuffed shells and my signature holiday dessert, peppermint brownie sundaes. We also visited my neighborhood Christmas light spectacular. One house... a gazillion lights and ornaments. Check out the pictures on My Gallery.


  1. great pictures! How do you get good night pictures? I try the "night" setting on my digital camera (an Olympus) but they always look very blurry/streaky.

  2. I would try putting the camera on a tripod... on night mode the shutter is staying open longer and your hand can't hold it still enough to get a sharp picture.

  3. That's a nice toque knit with Landscapes - it's such a pretty yarn.

    (Sorry - I mean *stocking cap*)

  4. aww...
    i always LOVE pictures of Oscar that you put up. he's quite the poser huh?

    He can sit still and let his picture be taken. I wonder if dogs get their bums freezed out if they sit on snow? Aren't they cold?

  5. Every time I see pics of Oscar I want a pug. If only I had the heart to go out and walk them every day.

    Where does your neighbour store all those Christmas decorations! Wow!