Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I dropped a glass casserole dish directly on my big toe last night. It hurt like nothing has ever hurt before. My toenail is very purple and I imagine the story is going to play out much like this poor toe. I will spare you a gruesome picture of said toe and instead show you my really cute Valentine's mug Aaron got me at Starbucks.

They are on sale now. I like how the inside is red. Just had some hot chocolate in it to make my toe feel better.


  1. Ow! That must've really hurt. :( But the hot chocolate in the cute mug was definitely the way to go. Cute and chocolate therapy are my favorite remedies!

  2. Holy ouch. I;m so sorry. Hope you heal up soon.

    And the cup is adorable!


  3. How funny...this morning my husband asked me what I wanted for Valentine's day and I told him I justed wanted that same Starbucks mug. Now I have a picture to show him :)

    Hope your toe feels better!

  4. That is the cutest mug!

    Sorry about you poor toe. That happened to me once, and I had to have my toenail removed because there was already a new one growing underneath. It was like a baby's nail, new and soft. Still, I hope you keep your toenail!

  5. Ouch! Sorry. I hope your toe feels better soon.

  6. I swear Starbucks needs to stop with the cute mugs. I have enough mugs but I constantly want more whenever I am in Starbucks.

  7. I was eyeing that mug as well! Too bad my husband has banned any more from our cabinets. Maybe if I get rid of our boring ones? Hmm. Also, I like your sexy keyboard.

  8. Sweet mug! Hope your toe feels better.
    Jen, I named you as a "You Make My Day" award winner on my blog today. I hope you get a chance to read about the award and what I said about you!

  9. Nico's finger sends sympathy to your toe.

  10. ouch, your toe sounds painful. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery! I've been eyeing the various Starbucks valentine mugs since the end of the Christmas season. I think you got my favorite one. :0)

  11. that wont happen to YOU!! the hot cocoa wont allow it!! there is nothing wrong with said toe.. RIGHT???!!??!?!!? think that.. and the world will be as it was...(i try to do this everyday.. life is good i say) life is good,,,,,

  12. Doh! :(

    The mug is super cute, though!

  13. Awww. I have a cute mug from last year... the pink frilly one that had the saucer and the little bow and glass heart tied to the handle. I have a large collection of starbucks mugs. I go there for the mugs more than the coffee. ;)

    We drink coffee off the stovetop - Italian style... out of a pink Bialetti coffee pot. I love love love it.

  14. I've had that happen to my thumb. If you can find any way to poke a hole in the nail (maybe with a drill bit or pin, gross I know...) it relieves the pressure. Check it out online, just make sure the pin or whatever is clean.

  15. How much is the mug? I don't normally go into Starbucks.

  16. I'm so sorry about your toe!
    I'm hoping this makes you feel better... http://www.cake-decorating-corner.com/pink-dolphin-cake.html
    It's pink and it's cake.

  17. Poor you! Pancakes would have been a great comfort. Did you make any? Or did your toe injury affect your balance and thus your ability to toss pancakes?

  18. What a cute mug! I got the one over the holidays with the cute snowflakes on them, but I'll have to go and get this one, as well.

    Feel better soon.

  19. andi - oh geez! I hope I don't have to have my toenail "removed" I feel queasy.

    rachel - have a mug yard sale in the spring! or donate them!

    pat - thanks for the write up! I am glad I "make your day".

    pixie - went and looked at "the finger" ewwww... what did they do for it?

    sprittibee- we have an expresso pot we got at a yardsale, but we only have time on the weekends to use it.

    janel - I think it was $4

    justine - Ack! that is so cute! Tina would love it... she is a dolphin nut!

  20. For the swelling/pressure building up underneath, the doctor gave him a nerve block & then burned a little hole through the nail & drained the blood. I had to remove the dried blood from the hole twice & drain it further over that weekend. We also had it x-rayed & it was broken, so it's splinted through this Friday. (Not much else could be done for a tiny finger. Fortunately, it was only the bone at the end, not the growth plate between joints) I also read one can poke their own hole through the nail w/ a sterilized paper clip which I might've done had it been my OWN nail, but I knew he wouldn't hold still for me to do it.

    "If pain becomes excessive, with blood under the fingernail, talk to your health care provider. Your health care provider may assist you in taking the following steps to relieve the pressure:
    Heat the end of a bent paper clip (or a similar size metal wire) over an open flame until it is red hot. Use a pair of pliers to hold the paper clip during sterilization.
    While it is still very hot, touch the tip of it to the injured fingernail. This is not a painful procedure for most people.
    The heat of the clip will burn a small hole in the fingernail. It is not necessary to press hard on the fingernail to burn a hole. (Another technique is to drill a small hole in the nail by twirling a scalpel blade, sharp knife, or needle.)
    As the paper clip is removed, blood should start releasing through the small hole. If not, retry the procedure until blood comes out and pressure is relieved.
    The pain will be relieved as the pressure is released. Soak the injured finger in warm water with a few drops of disinfectant for 20 minutes, 4 times a day, for 2 days.
    This procedure can be repeated, if necessary, if the hole closes over and the pressure rebuilds."

  21. I rushed out to get me a Starbucks mug, it was only sale from $10.95 US to $5.99 Sale price! With my local sales tax came out to $6.51. So cute! Too bad can't put in the microwave and it's only holds 14 oz.

    Thanks for the tip on the sale,