Thursday, February 28, 2008

So Stewie has this little kitty tent we got for him. It has a blanket inside and he likes to lay in there to "get away from it all".

So do others.

Oscar emerging from Stewie's kitty tent.

Lauren trying her best to get into Stewie's kitty tent.

What's a cat got to do get a little privacy?


  1. Awesome pictures! The one of Lauren really had me laughing. If she doesn't have one already...I think Aunt Jenny might have to get her a tent of her own. ;)

  2. We have a cat tent too. Funny, the cat never goes in it but our friends kids love it!!!

  3. Cute. Was that specifically made for the cats/dogs? Hubby and I were shopping in the camping dept. in Target yesterday, and they had these little demo things of the big tents. I was teasing him and said we should see if they would sell one for the cats (a cute 2 room little coleman)...very cute pics!

  4. Lauren made me laugh, too. :-)

  5. catherder - I have always wanted one of those mini tent displays! And the mini sleeping bags too! So cute!