Friday, June 27, 2008


This evening Aaron picked me up from the airport when I arrived from Michigan and drove straight to Frontier Field for a baseball game where the new WeROC campaign was going to be promoted.

We ROC is a campaign to build a bigger sense of pride in the Greater Rochester area. I like the taglines in their campaign like...

If You're Trash Talkin' Rochester, You Better Be Ordering a Garbage Plate

Those Who Say Wine Country Only Exists in California Can Put a Cork In It

When Nature Gets Feisty, We Measure It With a Ruler, Not a Richter Scale

890,000 Patents and Almost as Many Festivals

While we were there Aaron posed with the Red Wings mascot. I thought it was a nice picture when I took it... then I got it home, downloaded it and noticed the little kid peer over the mascots head. He looks like he thinks Aaron should get his sticky paws off HIS mascot!

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  1. I'm sure you can Photoshop that kid's head out of the picture. It's really cute otherwise!