Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have been so busy lately I've done a lot of blogging by phone. The pictures aren't the best from my phone though, so I've missed mentioning a few things. I also uploaded a whole backlog of photos to my Gallery.

I saw this at Homerama and thought it was so cool. A safari themed room with animals painted with chalkboard paint so you can draw on the animal's stripes or spots.

In the same house there was a yoga room and I was fascinated by the cork floors. I uploaded all the Homerama pics to my Gallery.

These were two of my favorite pics of "the boys" from the beach.

Aaron found this toad outside our beach house. There are more pics in my Outer Banks album on my Gallery.

This is a shot from our Upstairs/Downstairs tour of the George Eastman House.

And another shot from George's upstairs window. More pictures of the house on my Gallery.


  1. Hi Jenny!

    I just went through the homearama photos. My home is very similar in style to the home with the cork floors. Did you happen to pick up a product list? I love the hardwoods used in that home. It matches my decor perfectly, and we need to replace our exiting hardwoods because we can't find a match to finish off the first floor. Any idea where I could find that information?

    Thanks a bunch!
    Natalie from NC

  2. I've never seen a dog sitting on a folding lawn chair - that's talent!

  3. Crikey that dog on the chair is hilarious! It looks completely MAD! I love it!I could totally have that blown up and framed in my office... it would make me happy everyday. Awesome jenny.

  4. Natalie - no we didn't pick up any flyers... maybe if you emailed someone here?