Friday, August 1, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Got my copy of Breaking Dawn at midnight. I was 16th in line! I gotta make this one last. Can't stay up all night reading. This book has to last a flight to Beijing on Wednesday!


  1. Either I missed something, or this is your first mention of going to the Olympics. How exciting! We will be in Beijing in October so I can hardly wait to see your pics and hear what you think of the city. How long will you be there?

  2. Congratulations to you! I'm still tearing through New Moon -will probably finish it today or tomorrow.

    (w/r/t the cover: hmm...who is the Queen and who is the Pawn?)

  3. Lucky you! I was #613. It went by fast, though and I was out of there a little before 2:00.

    Beijing! How exciting!!!!!!!