Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Host

I finished Breaking Dawn on my flight to China so now I am reading Stephanie Myer's The Host. Very different but okay. So far I haven't figured out what makes it an adult book and the Twilight Series young adult.

I also heard that the first twelve chapters of midnight sun were leaked online. I felt really bad for Stephanie about that but was also thrilled when she posted them to her site also so I could read them somewhat guilt free. . It's Twilight told from Edward's perspective.


  1. I figured it was a way to capitalize on her current popularity by offering an adult book so she can reach a wider audience.

    I checked the audiobook and found it to be boring and if that's boring, I can't imagine trying to read it (I read/listen to plenty of books as a librarian).

  2. "The Host" is an awesome book! I liked it better than the vampire books, and hope she will continue to explore this new world she's created. As for the audiobook being boring, it may have just been the person reading it. "The Host" is anything BUT boring!

  3. Love your blog, love Stephenie Meyer :)

    I'm a YA writer & librarian, so I can't resist...

    Though the content (no graphic sex or language -- though there is PLENTY of that in most YA) and the writing style are the same, The Host is considered an adult novel because the main character is an adult. The only teen character (her brother), is seen as being young/immature/whatever. So even though a lot of teens enjoy The Host, it's the adult protagonist and her view of her teenage brother that makes the book adult.

    I hope that makes sense! And thanks for all of those great Olympics pictures! So, so cool.

  4. Stephanie -thank you so much for the explanation!

  5. I am hopelessly addicted to this series too. I'm on book 3 now. Oye!